Hi, I am Nadine. Welcome to my website.

Your Connection with the divine to find Yourself

It is my personal mission to remind especially women of their divine light inside them and to their special connection to „the source of all that is“ and that their light is unique magical and beautiful, and that inner peace and their authentic truth is more important than the expectations of society.


My spiritual journey really began when I was 31. My job, my relationship and my health had been on a very low level and I was searching for an opportunity to change my beliefs. To be honest, I knew everything about therapy and psychologic stuff and I knew I had to take action for myself now.I discovered that I was suffering of some deep fears, which were repeating over and over again and all I wanted was to feel better and to get rid of them.

Theta Healing® crossed my path. The outcome of my research was Theta Healing®, a beautiful mix of spiritual prayer, meditation and belief work.This was perfect for me and my logical and psychological way of thinking.

THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED. I did a Theta Healing® meditation and for the very first time in my life I felt this amazing energy. I remember it like it was yesterday. This feeling was so strong powerful and loving. At this moment, I felt the energy running through me, like a blissful loving embrace bringing me back to myself and I felt peaceful and confident that it would be possible to heal my fears. This was the first time on this journey without me feeling alone and lost – I felt that everything was truly going to be alright and calm. If I allow myself to heal.

This profound experience inspired me to increase my knowledge and learn more about Theta Healing® and all the energies around us.

Ever since that moment, MY LIFE CHANGED COMPLETELY.
From then on, my life has been different and I have been able to connect to the creator and the universe and listen to my heart. I practiced and learned that there are so many beliefs which did not belong to me – which were not mine, which were not true or came from past lives or a collective consciousness that had nothing to do with myself.

Seeing the positive effect this had on my life was incredible. I felt more confident and calm and became more relaxed, got my intuition back and discovered my connection to the angels, spirit animals and god. I started to believe that there was more than my beautiful job in the social system. It took time, but it was such an exciting way to get my power back so that every second was worth the effort. Frankly, it took me a lot of patience, courage and power of endurance, but giving up was not an option.

I started to work with friends and I discovered such a beautiful growing and healing so that I decided to help others with Theta Healing® and my knowledge and intuition to find their own inner connection to the divine to create more inner peace and confidence.


  • Support on your journey.
  • Step into your true power and live your life with calmness joy and peace. Knowing that you are enough as you are.
  • Power and energy in VEGAN food.
  • Creating a progress for an individual.


Professional Bio

Nadine is a passionate Theta Healing® practitioner with a lot of experience in social topics such as working with women in different social conditions.
Her intention is to raise the frequency of the collective consciousness at this time on earth by helping women to see and remind them of their own inner goddess. She attends the process by helping them to create inner peace and reminding them that they are enough just like they are – no matter what.

WHY is she doing what she is doing?

Nadine knows what could happen if women listen to society or to their moms and families who maybe want the best for them. However, it may not be the best for this special soul –and she knows how painful this can be. Nadine wants to avoid the craziness and spread love instead 😉

Driven by her own process of awakening, Nadine knew there was so much more to life than the job she was working in and the people she knew. Therefore, she decided to give superwomen more calm and inner peace and self-love with the connection to the divine – letting them know that they are unique and enough just as they are.
This moved her to search for the bigger picture of life and she started to notice that the sings from the universe were around her and trusted the process.

Nadine has certified training in:

University Education:

  • Universal Bachelor of Education and Society
  • Universal Master of Social Integration
  • Universal Certificate in Gender Studies

Certified Coach and Diploma in NUTRITION:

  • Nutrition and Health Consulting
  • Vegan Coach


  • Theta Healing ® Basic
  • Theta Healing ® Basic
  • Theta Healing ® Advanced
  • Theta Healing ® Dig Deeper
  • Theta Healing ® Manifesting and Abundance